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17.10.2010 01:28, Melissa Davis from Colorado Springs CO E-mail :
I bought your CD - Return of the Gods - II today in Manitou Springs from Rumi who was playing on the sidewalk. This is a GREAT CD, very relaxing music! You are all very gifted! Wonderful Music!


26.09.2010 12:43, joyce from 224 E-mail :
I have been listening to your music whilst ironing and it helped me get it done in no time. LOVE this music

10.08.2010 18:12, martina from vienna E-mail :
i bought my first cd in italy at the market. the sound of the panflutes are the best!

do well,

20.05.2010 09:38, Carola from Ellwangen E-mail Homepage :

I like the music so much since i can thought. Do you play in Germany,too? My children like this music,too. This is a kind of music with much feelings which go in the heart and soul.

05.05.2010 15:10, Albina Jakubowska from Tallinn, Estonia E-mail :
Now I also have CDˇs of Your breathtaking music! I cannot stop listening to it, because this is real sound of Nature. I feel myself so incredibly like my spirit flies to the sky being the purest and free. Having this music with me I could find the real meaning of living, it is mysterious indeed, cause this is heritage of one of the greatest cultures in the world. Thank You very much for giving us the opporturnity to hear and enjoy it, for sharing with us the wisdom and majesty of Your ancestors!

01.05.2010 17:49, Michael from Russia E-mail :
P E R F E C T!
I've never heard your music before...but family loves it so much. Thank you.
From Russia with love,Michael.

24.04.2010 20:29, Mario Zumbana from Ambato - Ecuador E-mail :
como lo he terminado diciendo siempre la musica instrumental de las agrupaciones peruanas es sin igual , felicitaciones Perú, tengo elgusto de la musica Peruana ya que son originales, que si realizan una copia la saben hacer bien e impregnando un estilo muy original de cada agrupacon.

particularmente una de las canciones que mas me encanta es Ocarina.
Un saludo fraterno.


Un saludo ami hermano de mi alma que debe ver esta pagina muy seguido. Roberto.

23.03.2010 19:09, Art Wiggington from Indiana,USA E-mail Homepage :
Your work is appreciated. I hope it brings you the rewards you hope for. I am thankful to just be able to hear it! I spent some time correcting some you tube videos on who you were.

13.03.2010 20:41, Elena from Montenegro E-mail :
I was bringing always this music with me whenever I go and I was always keeping my cd on repeat and I never annoyed any melody! This music makes me really happy and satisfied inside. I am in peace with me and with world aroun me. I strongly reccomend it to everyone!!!!

23.02.2010 18:44, Kristof Istvan from Hungary E-mail Homepage :
Where shopping in Hungary Perunazca CD.

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Entries: 31
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